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Neema Patni

Her diet for cancer treatment is very effective. Simple àdvice but protected my dad from infections and now he is going through the treatment smoothly with incredible improvement. Kaminimaam is very responsive and is very well aware of symtoms and its remedy.

Raja Pramanik

Dietician Kamini is a dedicated, well trained professional in her field. I appreciate her knowledge, compassion and care she showed to our patients while working with us at AIIMS, New Delhi. Best wishes Kamini, in your new venture. Keep it up.
Dr. Raja Pramanik, MD,DM.

Amrita Kumar

Dr.Kamini is a good motivator and is persistent with her diet charts. Also her friendly behavior puts one at ease. Would highly recommend her for weight loss and people looking for improving body posture and body shape.

Jaya Dinesh

Kamini Sinha is a knowledgeable dietitian and it is with her help I could get rid of my issues with bloating. She is very supportive, cooperative and very friendly. If you are able to follow the diet and advise strictly, surely you will get the result. I would like to recommend her for everybody.

Gaurav Joshi

In 15 days I lost 2kgs. She is a pleasent personality with very good nature. She is very soft spoken and calm. All stars to her for taking care of our diets.


A Big Thanks to Dr.Kamini. I highly recommend Dr Kamini for any weight loss. The nutrition plans and exercises offered by her are very doable with minor modifications to your diet and lifestyle pattern thereby making it easy to adopt and practice, both during treatment and even over the long term.Along with that she took care of fatty liver.

Tripti Joshi

I had an awesome experience following her diet. Her diets are easy to follow and maintain. I still maintain that diet now, after completing my target. Apart from loosing good amount of belly fat and 2 kg weight(actually weight is not my problem, but fat does), which look like i am pregnant again, my bloating problem, dullness and rough skin problem are also solved. She is very soft spoken and good at heart and motivating as a person. She even suggest homemade skin pack for me and homemade weight gain powder for my 2 year old son. I am really happy and recommend all to seek her help if you want to reduce weight and excess fat.

Saurabh Jalan

Satisfied as i am getting result in loosing my weight, Soi took a diet from Ms Kamini. I am happy with her instructions..I nearly lost 3-4 kgs of weight in a week. I am really very much happy. She is very good nutritionist as i am doing well with her instructions and able to see result in me,whichi am trying for.


iconsultedher as i want to shred some weight, she helped me alot and supported me! She was always available on phone call and reinds about working on diet! My diet was was really good i easily followed it!The plan was very good and i had no problem in following it up I am satisfied with the service.

Diksha KamraSareen

Here’s why I’ve had a wonderful experience with Dr Kamini…. 1. She gives me all her time. Doctors these days don’t pick up calls and behave rudely when we ring them. But dietician Kamini is my long distance friend — she gave me all tips on the phone, replies to whatsapp instantly, and is very polite and friendly. 2. I have lost a lot of my post pregnancy weight without compromising on food. She made me eat simple, homemade food and that too as per my schedule and choice. I did not need any fancy and expensive foods to lose weight. 3. Her fat cutter natural drinks are my favourite and I swear by its effects. 4. When you have Dr Kamini — you may not even need any other doctor. She even prepared diet charts for my 6 month old son. I’m giving home remedies and homeopathy meds to my baby during sickness and I’m more than satisfied with her treatment. 5. She’s a dietician, doctor, friend and even a counselor. Try her out. You won’t be disappointed.

Amit Kaushal

An Excellent and knowledgableDietetion.. for me loosing 6 Kg weight in a month that to without any specials and strict was much difficult however Dr Kamini help me in achieving the same. Her personal approach and proactive ness is such a big support for working professional like me who can’t take out much time for health and fitness.. Thank you Dr Kamini for your kind support and services.. looking forward to reduce my weight to certain level that we planned in our initial discussion. strongly recommended. Thanks

Mohammad Jahangir

She is an amazing person. She understood what I wanted and also had to deal with a number of issues like the kind of foods I don’t have. But in the end the results were amazing and loved the constant way in which she kept in touch to get the updates about the plans. Thank you.


Oh she is a wonderful person & a very good Dietion . I was very rigid to go in for diet for past so many years, but Dr Kamini she has twisted me & made me understand that to stay alive you need to eat healthy.

Namrata Jha Mishra

I am very much satisfied with Kamini’s services. Her diet plan is very easy to follow & I was able to lose 5 kg in a month. She keeps following up on a regular basis & motivates me to lose further. I wish her all the best & would definitely recommend her to my friends & relatives.

Sakshi Srivastava

My weight loss journey with you is like a dream come true. When I tell people about this drastic chnge, they often question me how it’s possible. I said she is not dietician “SHE IS MAGICIAN “ Thank you Kamini ma’am.

Anubhav Johri

She is very professional. I lost 12 kgs in 3 months, without compromising on my food or even working out – despite of dieting I never felt week for a single day, I never felt hungry – she just manages your food in a very smart manner. She teaches you what to and what not to eat You have to be just honest to her and your own self… I get so many compliments now… All thanks to Ms Kamini.

Asha Patnaik

Excellent knowledge in her field. I was 12 kg overweight when I consulted Kamini mam and in 2.5 months only I am now back to my normal ideal weight. I must recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you so much mam


I lost 7kg in a month .she is probably one of the best dietician. The diet she gave was easy to make and everything was of homemade food only …it was a wonderful experience.

Anu Chauhan

I lost nearly 15 kgs in 3 months. I never thought eating healthy and in a right manner could transform my body until i took her diet. Would not let you feel hungry but gives a healthy diet plan. She would be ready to alter the diets according yo your convenience. I am really thankful for her help.


My father is an oncology patient and I was searching for a specialist dietitian.I searched on google and found dietittiankamini mam. I approached her and visited her clinic. She is very understanding and soft spoken and understood my dad’s problem very well. My father is following her diet chart since last 1.5 months and have benefited as well. I personally recommend every one who aims to not only loose weight but have anyone in the family fighting with oncology to consult her.

Bhavna Tomar

Hello everyone I have reduced 3kg in 1wk and this credit goes to kamini madam it’s my first wk and we all knows if the starting is good so the result will be definetly good, I am sure I will definitely reduce my targeted weight by this. Thankukamini madam.

Suresh Singh Negi

Excellent dietitian. I am a foody guy and due to my busy life schedule, I have to go for the junk foods also. I contacted her and she understood my problem easily and sent me a customised diet plan according to my lifestyle. I am following her diet plan since last 2 months and have been able to reduce 5 kg and am targeting to reduce 7 kg more in next 2 months which will be achievable easily. Thanks for your assistance.Highly recommended.

Rishabh Bhatia

Have been following her diet plan for the past 3 months and have been getting extraordinary results since then. Her diet plans not only helps your body to be in shape but also helps you keeping other balance in your body. I have been experiencing various skin problems and her diet plan has helped me getting rid of all those.

Suvankar Majumdar

It’s a great experience. The suggestion and advice by her is very easy to implement in daily life. The results are very satisfying. The results are very fast once I start following her Diet plan thanks for the advice.


Hope of light in darkness…that’s how I will define her. I am a PCOD patient since long, I think around 15 years… Weight has always been a concern for me. Being working, I cannot work out and also don’t had time to cook separately for myself. Kamini’s diets didn’t ask me for any of these… Her diets are easy to follow and fulfilling. I was surprised to see my weight falling without any effort..infact I ate more than I used to… She actually works on your lifestyle and helps in changing it slowly. In one month I lost 3 kgs and am still loosing.. Thanks Kamini.. even my dr could se the difference and asked whome I follow… I will and already have recommended her to everyone. Trust and try her, may be sometime the weight is stuck, but I will loose on inches. I tried other dieticians also, but she is different… Go for her…Thanks Kamini for your patient hearing and dedicated efforts.

Anamika Upadhyaya

I am in the sitting job and hence had put on weight. My marriage was fixed and I was supposed to loose my extra weight. I joined gym,did workout, increased my physical activities but it didn’t work out. Then I got the reference of Kamini mam. Surprisingly, in one month of time, I lost 3 kg weight and in 3 months time, I was able to reduce 8 kg. I must say, she is one of the most experienced and understanding dietitian who not only understand your matter easily but also plan your customised diet based on your daily routine life. Thanks a ton.

Abhishek Verma

Whatever the diet chart that she have made for my father worked a lot. Now he is fine and his recover is tremendous . The most important is how she cared her patient like their own family member and that’s make her different from others. ThanksKamini madam for such generous.


My father was suffering from AML (Blood Cancer) and was taking HMA treatment. His platellets and blood count (RBC and WBC) was very low due to which he was having high fever, infections. He was hospitalised for a month due to infections. I searched for Oncology dietician and found contact of Kaminimaam. I shared my fathers history and the ongoing diet. She promptly replied to stop food which was not suitable for him and given complete diet plan considering his history and ongoing treatment. She was aware of all the symptoms and adviced diet according to the patients condition and to support the treatment. She was very prompt in replying and very politely and patiently explained the details to my mother. In couple of days my dads infections were gone and now he only have to visit hospital for his treatment. His bIoodcounts have also improved.I strongly recommend everyone to consult Kaminimaam during cancer treatment.

Jaya Grover

She is just awesome at what she does. I had delivered one year ago and had 5 kgs stuck on to me.I tried many things to lose that extra fat but did not succeed.Just while I was almost convinced that every mom will have to carry on that extra fat with her all along, my sister introduced me to Kamini.She gave me an excellent diet plan and an exercise routine..I lost those 5 kgs in one and a half months. The best part of the plan is that you needn’t really go out of your normal routine to follow it.she asked about my lifestyle, understood it and gave me a plan that was easily doable.I will continue to follow that plan because it makes me feel energetic and really good about myself.

Aradhana Sinha

1.Best consultation for Dietition. 2. She makes you comfortable you can share each & every problem. 3. Result oriented. 4.Good follow up. 5. We can adore her for work.

Animesh Prasad

Had heard that Experience counts but have felt the same when I got consultation from Dt. Kamini. She has great knowledge in her field. Best part about her is that she don’t suggest any supplement. I am in consult with her since last 1.5 months and in these 45 days, I have been able to gain 7-8 kg weight. I strongly recommend her.

Vedita Agarwal

I consulted her after seeing her name all over google when I searched for good oncology dieticians. My father was diagnosed with cancer and I was lucky enough to get in touch with her. She’s had a great experience with the best oncologists around. She interacted with my mother and me at a very personal level and explained to us things outside of diet too. Both professionally and personally, she’s been a great support. Would highly recommend her to all.


I have been following the diet chart of KaminiJee for last 3 months to gain my weight, and have gained 10.50 kgs by following her diet plan. She doesn’t recommend protein powder and allows healthy diet to achieve results which is great. I would highly recommend her if you wish to lose or gain weight.

Kishore Kunal

Once I was in consultance of Kamini madam and followed the diet plan recommended by her. I found a remarkable change in my BMI. It was a great experience, I am still in her consultance and feel more energetic and confident.

Shiwani Shrivastava

Nice experience fr me .. first time have met a person who cured my disease through diet not through medicine , really it was an awesome experience fr me . Nice person ,persistant and handling things with patience… I like her treatment techniques bcz she is not following the old conventional methods , Mam still following yr words nd diet , If all doctors will become like u ar started prescribing good diet to patient instead of medicine them I am sure everyone love to fall ill.